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What is MeetingPack?

MeetingPack 2015 : “INNOVATIONS IN BARRIER MATERIALS AND PACKAGING, MANUFACTURING PROCESSES AND PACKAGING SYSTEMS” is the premier and most important global meeting in barrier packaging and materials.

An international meeting point and unmissable event both for packaging, materials and equipment manufacturers, and for entrepreneurs, executives, technicians and professionals of food packaging machinery, distribution and other agents.

MeetingPack 2015 will be held on 25 and 26 February 2015 at the Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio) premises in the Parque Tecnológico de Valencia.

This is an event organized by the AINIA-AIMPLAS Technological Centres alliance

6 great challenges, the strategic axes of the meeting

The new social challenges and trends of the consumer underscoring new needs in the food manufacturing, marketing and distributing industry, also forces to approach innovations and new technological solutions by the materials and equipment manufacturers.
Therefore, MeetingPack will promote the exchange of needs and information in the challenges presented in today’s market context:

> Opportunities for improving the shelf-life
> Developments in packaging systems
> New manufacturing processes
> Latest applications for active and intelligent packaging
> New challenges: solutions to avoid food waste.
> Technological news

With an organization focused on networking promotion and fostering the needs and solutions exchange, MeetingPack 2015 has developed a comprehensive programme organized in ten thematic specialized sessions. It will also have a latest developments showroom in the scope of application of barrier materials and packaging, manufacturing equipment and processes and packaging systems.

Thematic specialized sessions

The challenges set forth materialize in an ambitious two-day programme structured in ten thematic sessions:

Session 1


“Overview of barrier materials and packaging trends”

Session 2


“Equipment for transforming polymeric materials: extrusion and injection”

Session 3


“New developments in active and intelligent packaging for food packaging”

Session 4


“New raw materials solutions for the production of plastic packaging”  

Session 5


“Latest developments in films, multilayer foils and thermoformed trays”

Session 6


“Innovation in packaging obtained by ISBM, EBM and injection technologies”

Session 7


“Latest trends in packaging solutions”

Session 8


“Advancements in test equipments for measuring barrier properties in packaging”

Session 9


“Reduction in food waste through packaging”